Abolition in Action

Two months ago, a friend and fellow prisoner, prepared to max out her sentence. She is a Black trans woman who had to do her time in a men's prison: over two decades of time. The world has changed tremendously since she came to prison. I worried about her transitioning to the "free" world. She … Continue reading Abolition in Action

Statement of Solidarity with No New Jails NYC

The truth is that Just Leadership USA is not abolitionist. It is another liberal, nonprofit that has appropriated abolitionist terminology to broaden its appeal. That's how they fooled us into becoming members. They support the caging and disappearing of poor folk. Their only concern are the "excesses" of the PIC, not its fundamental existence. That being the case, we renounce our memberships in Just Leadership USA. We strongly support the work and efforts of the No New Jails Movement in NYC.

Addressing Harm and Accountability in Spite of the Carceral State: #1

Questions for Prison Activists Scenario #1 I recently held two meetings with the prisoners enrolled in the Circle Up/restorative justice course. It didn't go well. I believe I understand the problem. The criminal legal system shields perpetrators of harm from the effects of their behavior. We are punished, but we aren't held accountable. We rarely … Continue reading Addressing Harm and Accountability in Spite of the Carceral State: #1