Connecting the Dots

"I told the guys how the students were successful in their demands and how that win positively impacts us. They thought what the students did was great and were surprised that young college folk in New York even cared. I told them how there is a whole movement out there that is fighting against the PIC and that all of us need to be involved"

Abolition in Action

Two months ago, a friend and fellow prisoner, prepared to max out her sentence. She is a Black trans woman who had to do her time in a men's prison: over two decades of time. The world has changed tremendously since she came to prison. I worried about her transitioning to the "free" world. She … Continue reading Abolition in Action

The Importance of Staying Connected

Across this country, there has been a tremendous outpouring of solidarity and love for imprisoned persons. We are thankful. As an organizer, I often talk about the need for connections across the walls. Our success is relative to the strength of relationships. In this time of crisis, the deepening and forging of relationships between imprisoned … Continue reading The Importance of Staying Connected

Demands from Stevie

Currently our demands center on two things: 1. Releasing prisoners, especially those with compromised immune systems and the elderly (over 50). Also, we hold that all pretrial detainees who have been entered into bail should be released. They are being held due to poverty. Lastly, those with clemency and parole petitions should have their decisions … Continue reading Demands from Stevie

Solidarity with Striking Prisoners!

Right now, prisoners on Rikers Island and in Essex County, NJ jail are hunger striking for basic protection from and preventive measures against contracting COVID19. They should not have to go on hunger strike for these things to occur, but as usual, jail administrators refuse to prioritize prisoners' health and well being. I fully support … Continue reading Solidarity with Striking Prisoners!


From: Wilson, Stephen Date Received: 03/12/2020 06:22 PM Subject: COVID19 AND THE PA DOC For the past two days, the PA DOC has finally thinking about the coronavirus and how to protect prisoners from it. Only over the past two days! Announcements have been played over the prison television station reminding prisoners to wash our … Continue reading COVID19 AND THE PA DOC

Centering the Most Vulnerable Means Challenging the “Movement-for-Prisoners’-Human-Rights” with Queer Analysis and Action

A few years ago, the Lifers' Association at Smithfield sponsored a forum with CADBI (Coalition Against Death By Incarceration). It was to be an info session, an introduction to the group's work and how we could become involved. This was the first time something like this took place at Smithfield. As expected, lots of prisoners … Continue reading Centering the Most Vulnerable Means Challenging the “Movement-for-Prisoners’-Human-Rights” with Queer Analysis and Action

Stevie’s Reflections on bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody

bell hooks writes, in the introduction of "Feminism is for Everybody,": "More than ever before, I work to share the liberating joy feminist struggle brings to our lives as females and males who continue to work for change, who continue to hope for an end to sexism, to sexist exploitation and oppression." As I read … Continue reading Stevie’s Reflections on bell hooks’ Feminism is for Everybody

Solidarity with all Mississippi Prisoners

Sending strength and love to all Mississippi prisoners. I stand with you. The metalanguage of prison is violence so the only way to eliminate the violence is to eliminate the prison. In every prison and jail in the country, correctional officers are the major instigators and perpetrators of violence. Every order is punctuated with the … Continue reading Solidarity with all Mississippi Prisoners