Demands from Stevie

Currently our demands center on two things: 1. Releasing prisoners, especially those with compromised immune systems and the elderly (over 50). Also, we hold that all pretrial detainees who have been entered into bail should be released. They are being held due to poverty. Lastly, those with clemency and parole petitions should have their decisions … Continue reading Demands from Stevie

Solidarity with Striking Prisoners!

Right now, prisoners on Rikers Island and in Essex County, NJ jail are hunger striking for basic protection from and preventive measures against contracting COVID19. They should not have to go on hunger strike for these things to occur, but as usual, jail administrators refuse to prioritize prisoners' health and well being. I fully support … Continue reading Solidarity with Striking Prisoners!

Terrifying Assault on our Comrade at SCI-Smithfield ~ PHONE ZAP NEEDED

Yesterday at 12pm, Andre Logan, PA DOC # LM3820, was assaulted by two officers outside of the chow hall at SCI-Smithfield. The officers used excessive force on Andre because his shirttail was untucked. Andre suffered a fractured nose after having his face slammed into a glass window and then slammed to the concrete ground in … Continue reading Terrifying Assault on our Comrade at SCI-Smithfield ~ PHONE ZAP NEEDED

Love and Protect’s Reflection on the INCITE! – CR Statement Against Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex

This is really good, and worth your time reading.

The Abolitionist

ByRachel Caïdor

In 2001, INCITE! and Critical Resistance laid down a network of strong roots in the form of the visionary Statement Against Gender Violence and the Prison Industrial Complex. Those roots were offshoots of and intertwined those planted over hundreds of years by feminist anti-violence, anti-prison movement work in this country and beyond. adrienne maree brown and Shana Sassoon remind us that strong trees weather storms when their roots grow intertwined with those of others.  It is this interconnection that has helped us weather a myriad of storms that have shifted the ground beneath us. We now live in a country where hundreds of thousands of women and femmes—an overwhelming number of whom are survivors of sexual and domestic violence—are incarcerated in prison or jails.  We also live in a country whose president speaks glibly about his entitlement to sexually abuse women and who actively rips apart families…

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Smithfield’s so-called “Violence Reduction Strategy”

Stevie's take on Smithfield's latest repressive policy, followed by two statements from SASS and the 9971 Study Groups On May 15, 2019 | SCI-Smithfield implemented the "violence reduction strategy." Much like the failed and derided sentencing enhancements that were supposed to reduce crime, the new strategy increases punishment for certain violent acts by prisoners. Note, … Continue reading Smithfield’s so-called “Violence Reduction Strategy”