Vaccine Fact Sheet

Our brilliant Chicago comrades at NU Abolition & Northside Prisoner Letter Writing Coalition made this fact sheet to send to all your imprisoned friends and contacts. Please send and share widely! "Vaccine hesitancy in the Black community and prison populations is a result of decades of medical neglect and abuse and is a fair reaction … Continue reading Vaccine Fact Sheet

In The Belly Special Issue

The Imprisoned Black Radical Tradition DEAR COMRADES, This is not Volume 3 of In The Belly, it’s a special issue. While ITB is regularly written primarily by imprisoned people, Editor-In-Chief Stephen Wilson wanted to share this document with you. It is a roundtable, a series of interviews, that he conducted with a group of non-incarcerated … Continue reading In The Belly Special Issue

Solidarity with Garrett Felber!

By Stephen Wilson ‘The things prisoners wrote really jumped off the page.’ Illustration: Eva Bee Whenever you conceptualize social justice struggles, you will always defeat your own purposes if you cannot imagine the people around whom you are struggling as equal partners. Therefore if, and this is one of the problems with all reform … Continue reading Solidarity with Garrett Felber!

Why Should Prisoners Embrace Indigenous Resistance?

An Imprisoned Abolitionist Analysis of Our History is the Future by Nick Estes By Safear Before you celebrate Thanksgiving this year, take some time to learn the true history of the Indigenous people of America. In the mythology of American propaganda, the Indigenous are portrayed as characters in a story from the past. Have you … Continue reading Why Should Prisoners Embrace Indigenous Resistance?

A New Retaliatory Write-Up for Stevie, and Another Kangaroo Hearing

Two notes from Stevie on this plain retaliation... ONE: Charges: #33 Using abusive language to an employee and #35 Refusing to obey an order "On above date (10-28) and time (1150), Inmate Wilson was called to retrieve property being distributed to inmates who had purchased items. I/M Wilson had a pair of sneakers to sign … Continue reading A New Retaliatory Write-Up for Stevie, and Another Kangaroo Hearing