The Interview

by komrade underground


Words expire… Never!

Would you die for the cause,

or kill for the better?

Defy all the laws,

to keep a nation together?

Fight for equal rights,

So we can day see forever?!

Or, would you bow to the man,

When the waters get rough? 

Forget ‘bout the plan,

When the road gets too tough?

When the journey gets rocky,

and the hills get too high…

And these goals seem unreachable,

Unless you can fly!?

If your life could save millions,

would  you put it on the line?

What about just one?

Is that enough for you to die?…


Well, what if that One, would go on

to save millions…

Be the ‘Third World Voice,’

A true teacher to our children…

Expose the oppressor,

and crack down all his buildings…

Rip the mask off the system

and show the true villian…

But no, one life for you

was too less…

And you say: “That ‘You wouldn’ve never

have guessed’”…?!

A revolutionary? Nah you sound more like a mess

How can you fight the revolution

but forget the oppressed?!

The revolution and cause

should begin from within

and alone, that’s the reason

you care for kin.

No matter, color of skin

Because we all stand on one thing…

Not to mention, our blood is all red,

when them shots start to ring…

So tell me,

Why is that you fight in this


Do you feel its cause,

deep down in your core?!

Your mouth tells me yea,

but your eyes sceam “unsure”

-fear!! Like you’re playing Russian Roulette

with a Colt. 44…

Scared, to fight for one,

that you do not know…

You’re an actor, a fake,

I’m so sick of this show…

When you fail on this field,

You will be exposed.

The door is now open,

You can pick up and go..

Author: Dreaming Freedom Practicing Abolition

network of autonomous and self-organized abolitionist prisoner study groups, in the belly of PA DOC

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