A New Retaliatory Write-Up for Stevie, and Another Kangaroo Hearing

Two notes from Stevie on this plain retaliation…


Charges: #33 Using abusive language to an employee and #35 Refusing to obey an order

“On above date (10-28) and time (1150), Inmate Wilson was called to retrieve property being distributed to inmates who had purchased items. I/M Wilson had a pair of sneakers to sign for. This officer then ordered I/M Wilson to sign for sneakers. I/M Wilson refused stating ‘Don’t touch my fucking sneaker!’ This officer was perplexed by what was said by I/M Wilson. This officer questioned what I/M Wilson to what just said (sic). I/M replied ‘I don’t want you to touch my fucking property.’ And I/M stated ‘I don’t want you to fucking touch anything of mine! I don’t want anything you touched.’ I/M was given a direct order to return to cell. I/M initially refused, several more direct orders had to be given to I/M Wilson then compliance was achieved.’

These are the pure lies the officer feels he can write and get away with. The major reason why they write such nonsense is because the hearing examiner denies prisoners’ request to present any exculpatory evidence and makes the hearing an officer’s word versus a prisoner’s word. Where the prisoner always loses. This is why these disciplinary hearings are kangaroo courts. I am sending my written version also which will be presented to the hearing examiner. There are also witnesses (other prisoners who were waiting to get their property) and the CCTV cameras. But will the hearing examiner allow me to present this evidence?

In Struggle,



On 10-28, shortly before noon, my cell door opened. I didn’t know why, but peeked out of my cell and saw the R&D property cart. I got dressed, went down the steps and took my place in line for property pickup. I didn’t know what I was getting at first. As the line moved forward, I saw the officer who regularly works my block grab a sneaker box from amongst the property. He placed it on the side. I saw that the box had a piece of paper with my cell number written on top. Then, I asked the officer why he was grabbing my property. The two R&D officer usually handle the property and one of them was unoccupied. The officer asked me what I said. I told him I was wondering why he was handling my property and not the R&D officers. He then placed the box back on the R&D cart and said, “Well, they can take it back.” Then, the R&D officer who was awaiting a signature from another prisoner told me I can return to my cell. I promptly returned to my cell.

This is the same officer I filed a grievance against the previous day for confiscating my tablet and refusing to return it or give me a confiscated item receipt (per DOC policy). This misconduct is retaliatory, a violation of DC ADM 804, and is false. The CCTV cameras on the block will verify my version of the incident. At no time did I use profanity or refuse an order. The only order I was given was by the R&D officer and I promptly complied.

Moreover, this incident took place with witnesses. These witnesses will verify my version of events and that I never even made it to the top of the line to sign for my sneakers. I am asking that the exculpatory evidence (Camera and witness testimony) be allowed for there is no other way for a prisoner to establish an effective defense against an allegation by an officer.

This is the written version I submitted to the hearing examiner. I also submitted a witness request form.

In Struggle


Author: Dreaming Freedom Practicing Abolition

network of autonomous and self-organized abolitionist prisoner study groups, in the belly of PA DOC

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