In The Belly, Volume 1

News from outside supporters

Friends and Comrades! We have finished the first issue of a project Stevie and his supporters have been working on for a while, and thinking about for longer.

In The Belly is a new abolitionist journal for incarcerated people and their communities. Our editorial collective is anchored by imprisoned intellectuals and close outside supporters. We hope to provide a new platform, a kind of forum, for mutual political education and community-building across and between prison walls. Read the first issue here:

Single page version best for printing and reading on phone

Two page version, for desktop reading

You can support In The Belly at GoFundMe and Patreon. Every dollar goes to stamps, printing and envelopes.

And if you know anyone inside, or anyone who has a loved one inside, who would like to read and/or write for In The Belly, please reach out to or hit us up on Twitter @bellyzine. We are eager for feedback and submissions.

Yours In Struggle.

Author: Dreaming Freedom Practicing Abolition

network of autonomous and self-organized abolitionist prisoner study groups, in the belly of PA DOC

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