The Currency of Credibility

by Pierre Pinson and Safear Don't mistake elected and appointed officials as the only politicians. Politicians don't always dress in suits or roll in motorcades. Some dress in flannels and chant the latest revolutionary slogans. Unfortunately, there are many of them lurking in revolutionary movements. It's possible there may be a politician in your abolitionist … Continue reading The Currency of Credibility

In The Belly, Vol 3

Our third issue just reached comrades in PA, through their painfully slow book delivery system. That means we are posting it online now. Here are two PDFs, one is a reader and one is a Booklet, thanks to the comrades who made this beautiful booklet-making tool In The Belly 3, Reader: in-the-belly-vol-3-readerDownload In The … Continue reading In The Belly, Vol 3

You Gotta Learn the History: an Interview with Michael “Safear” Ness

Michael “Safear” Ness is an imprisoned abolitionist organizer at SCI-Fayette in Pennsylvania. IA is an outside friend and comrade.  IA: When and how did you become an abolitionist in your thinking? And in your practice? Safear: I’ve been radical since before abolition was in my vocabulary. Meaning, I was always someone who wanted to understand … Continue reading You Gotta Learn the History: an Interview with Michael “Safear” Ness